Carlos Aldrete, Becker Elementary, Glickson-House

Hey this is Carlos. Thanks for visiting my page! Did you know every $3 you donate provides a book to a child in Austin? Sure, if Becker Elementary wins this contest we win Amy’s ice cream for the whole entire school, but, like my friends, I’m just enjoying reading some cool books and helping out some other kids. In case you’re curious, I’ve listed below the books I’m reading in English and Spanish.

Thanks again.

For the love of books,



  • Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
  • The G-Man Super Journal
  • Desastre y Total
  • The Last Kids on Earth and the Nightmare King
  • Hazardous Tales, Treaties, Trenches, Mud and Blood
  • I Survived the Hindenburg Disaster

Funds raised: $443 of $250

Thank you donors
Erin Demse : $10
Elma Aldrete : $78
$47.60 from your Mama + $10 from Margie Becker + $20 from Jo Cassandra Cuevas = $77.60!! Way to go, mi Stinkito! Love you!
Judith Gedalia : $10
Way to go, Carlitos!
Kelly Hart : $20
Marili Burbes : $25
Way to go, Carlos! Love, Rubi & Lina
gilberto ocanas : $25
Erica Prosser : $30
Great cause. Good Luck Carlitos!
Bianca Garcia : $75
Joaquin Guerra : $50
Laura Guerra Ramirez : $30
Awesome cause - keep up the good work! Happy Reading! 
Patricia Aldrete : $30
Rosa Mendoza : $30
James Aldrete : $30