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Hi friends and family!

Thank you for visiting my Read-A-Thon fundraising page and for sponsoring me during the 2018 BookSpring "Gold Medal Readers" Read-A-Thon!

For the next two weeks I will be reading as much as I possibly can and you can help cheer me on and support kids all over Austin by pledging your support. Every $3 donated gives a book to a kiddo in austin, my personal goal is to give 100 kiddies a book! Reading makes me so happy and opens up my world, I hope too do the same for other kids!

All the donations I receive during the Read-A-Thon remain in the Austin area to support BookSpring's childhood literacy programs.

What a good cause!

x Arrow Blue

Funds raised: $310 of $300

Thank you donors
Joi Tyler : $10
Michael Thompson : $11
Keep up the good work Arrow Blue...we are proud of you and your progress! Mr. Mike, Mrs. Lori and Jake!
Michelle Edmonds : $25
Keep up the great work Arrow Blue! We love you !XXOO
Peter Ayer : $5
Theresa Gilles : $20
Brett Vapnek : $25
Amandeep Kaur : $40
Kimberly Bryant : $99
Uncle Anty : $20
Alexis Dallinger : $20
never read your mom's diary arrow love, beau
Tony Esperance : $20
Smart and bright kid you are Arrow Blue
Jean Martheleur : $15