Liam Carlson, Summitt Elementary, Farris

Thank you for visiting my Read-A-Thon fundraising page and for sponsoring me during the 2018 BookSpring "Gold Medal Readers" Read-A-Thon!

For the next two weeks I will be reading 110 pages of Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets.  I will be reading the book out loud to my mom or dad because this is going to be a HUGE challenge.  I just started to read chapter books this month.  My mom would like you to know that I started reading tonight and it took me 1 hour to read 6 pages.  She kind of thinks I will have to read all the time for the next two weeks and maybe not play as much baseball. 

Every $3 gets a book to a kid that doesn't have a book.  If I raise $201 I can get books for 67 kids.  Will you help me? Thank you so much!

All the donations I receive during the Read-A-Thon remain in the Austin area to support BookSpring's childhood literacy programs.

Funds raised: $444 of $519

Thank you donors
Kathryn Carlson : $25
Timothy Sullivan : $20
Erica Smith : $20
Read on, Liam!
Charlotte M Speltz : $10
So proud of you Liam! You are doing so well at reading (and it is OK to stop and play baseball, too! Love you, Charlotte and John Speltz
Cheryl Belitsky : $20
Michael Sullivan : $50
Leslie Brott : $15
Well done, Liam.
Deborah Campbell : $20
Judith Brooks : $15
Loved your video. Keep reading..Greataunt Judi
Kenneth Sullivan : $75
Lyda T Sullivan : $75
Read On Liam... Nana will start reading Chamber of Secrets today too. We can share our reading experience! I know you can do it!
Kathleen Peterson : $9
Stacy Klobe : $20
Way to go Liam -- keep reading!!!
Kathryn Holley : $20
M J Fitzpatrick : $20
How could I NOT?!?! Good job Liam, keep up the good work my friend!! Michael Fitz
Emily Tucker : $10
Way to go Liam!!
Stephanie Knuth : $10
Christopher Mixon : $10
Way to go Ian! Great work you are doing! Big hugs from Kacie, Chris & Jackson