Emlin, Blanton Elementary, Cruz, E

Thank you for visiting my Read-A-Thon fundraising page and for sponsoring me during the 2018 BookSpring "Gold Medal Readers" Read-A-Thon!

For the next two weeks I will be reading as much as I possibly can and you can help cheer me on and support kids all over Austin by pledging your support.

All the donations I receive during the Read-A-Thon remain in the Austin area to support BookSpring's childhood literacy programs.

You can donate any amount on this page now OR pledge a "per hour" amount by emailing by mom and she'll let you know how much I've read at the end. To plan your pledges: I typically read about a 1/2 half hour each day, but might increase during the two week read-a-thon!

Funds raised: $197 of $250

Thank you donors
glyn powell-evans : $25
Happy reading, Grannie Anne and Grandad Glyn
Jessie Stickgold-Sarah : $78
Emlin, I'm so impressed! I had no idea you'd read this much!!
Paul Morse : $54
Proud of you, Emlin!
Becky Sarah : $25
Danielle King : $5
Hope you enjoy all of your extra reading during Read-A-Thon!
Mrs R I Millard-Evans : $10
Read away Emlin. Xxx