Tabor Jennings-roberson, O. Henry Middle School, Other

Thank you for visiting my Read-A-Thon fundraising page and for sponsoring me during the 2018 BookSpring "Gold Medal Readers" Read-A-Thon!

For the next two weeks I will be reading as much as I possibly can and you can help cheer me on and support kids all over Austin by pledging your support.

All the donations I receive during the Read-A-Thon remain in the Austin area to support BookSpring's childhood literacy programs.    LOVE YOU!

Funds raised: $5,720 of $5,100

Thank you donors
Alisa Chompupong : $20
Bravo! Well done, Tabor!!! Keep up the exceptional work :-))
Carol Alvarado : $50
Dawn Robinson : $100
Ray Roberson : $164
Monsita F Botwick : $102
michael Brookins : $75
Good job buddy!!!! Keep it up
Katy Corrigan : $100
Love you so much! Love, the Corrigan?s
Anne Tweiten : $50
Elizabeth Welty : $102
Victoria Miller : $500
donna casey : $250
Deanna Berkeley : $150
Ray Roberson : $120
CONGRATULATIONS ON READING 2,834 PAGES and 1,344 MINUTES!!!!! I am proud of you for reaching your dollar goal and then continuing to raise it!!!!!
Nicole Robinson : $50
Steven Kay : $50
I am so proud of you!
Daniel Fehsenfeld : $102
Stephan Bognar : $83
Ray Roberson : $83
There is no one I enjoy raising funds with for GREAT causes than my son!!!! Had I known he would have love to read so much I would have purchased stock in Barns and Noble!!! I love your passion fore reading and your concern for helping the homeless!
Teresa D Brown : $300
Criselda Balderas : $102
Sandra Roth : $63
Ray Roberson : $66
Tonight my son was standing on the street, as he pitched his fund raiser on the phone to our dear friend Stephan in NYC. A gentleman overheard my son giving his pitch and donated $50 to the cause!!! We love raising money for great causes!!!!!!
Kelly Hill : $300
Ray Roberson : $50
Arlene Tur : $110
GO TABOR GO!! Soooo proud of you! Love you very much!!
Adam Blum : $102
Amy Laverentz : $50
Go Tabor!! Amy
AVR Capital LLC Reeves : $350
Mark Mitchell : $300
Islean Calder Bush Kirker : $51
Buddy you're doing a great job! Very happy to support you and this phenomenal brain of yours!! Keep studying hard its beyond worth your while!!
Debbie Mamula : $102
ray roberson : $160
donna casey : $300
Helen C. Elliott : $60
You amaze me Tabor! I love your kind and generous heart.
Elizabeth Krajicek : $150
Way to go Tabor!! Keep on reading!! Big hugs, BA
Adam Frisch : $102
Ray Roberson : $750
I am beyond proud of my son and his deep love for reading!!!! I am elated to be a part of this great campaign. It is of the utmost importance to assist children to have books that otherwise could never afford them!!!